I have always found when I am in periods where I feel really stuck, restless or not making progress. I’m not feeling inspired to do much, nothing seems to make me feel happy, etc…I am usually resisting something big time.

And I don’t mean resistance to something in my reality I don’t like and am fighting against, but resisting some sort of change in my life that seems scary or uncomfortable.

I am holding onto something that I know I need to let go of. I am doing something I really don’t want to be doing, but maybe am having a hard time admitting I don’t want to do it.

Something isn’t working for me, but I keep engaging anyway, for one reason or another, whether it be fear or because I feel it is something I ‘should’ be doing, I ‘have’ to do.

Holding onto things that need to be released, resisting change–it takes up a lot of energy, energy that can be put to better use. All the wonderful things we can manifest to help us get moving or get back on track can’t make their way in–the solutions to problems, the inspired actions, the insights, the new ideas, the clarity.

Once we allow ourselves to make these changes, once we let go of the things we need to let go of, our vibration gets a nice boost. We create some space for the things we want to show up. We feel lighter and freer, and this alone will make us feel a lot better, even if nothing ‘new’ has shown up yet.

So if you are in this state in particular, is it possible you are resisting a change, resisting a decision that is long overdue.

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