One of the people in my regular intuition classes started a successful business, worked incredibly hard and sold her business. Her entire life is filled with doing, and she’s so good at it.

What she wants to shift is more into being whilst doing, and it’s a beautiful intention. She wants to be more present, more joyful, more appreciative.

So how do we become more present and alive in each moment? I have some ideas, based on the work I’ve been doing over the last 16 years on this.

I wanted to share the practices to access peak states during the day;

  1. Practice immersing yourself into every act. This is a Zen practice of being fully in every task you do, every act. Become absorbed in the activity, focus on the activity. It means giving your attention to the task at hand. If you’re sitting in meditation, be fully in your seat, not have your mind be somewhere else. If you’re tidying your desk, just tidy it — and be completely immersed in that.
  2. Most of us move through our days in states of busyness, anxiety/ stress or simply disengaged in what we are doing. We might do our tasks, go through the motions, but our minds are elsewhere, our focus is on the next thing, worrying about the future or lost solving the of the past, we aren’t fully connected to what we are doing. When you give attention to the activity, you energise the activity. You elevate the process, to access your higher consciousness.
  3. You can find yourself naturally accessing states of flow, the void also known as getting into ‘the zone’. Flow reduces your stress levels and helps quiet your prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain that creates doubt).
  4. In this process, parts of your brain release neurochemicals allowing you to experience;
    • Selflessness – you lose your sense of self
    • Timelessness – your perception of time changes, you might enter the void, a timeless state, where time seems to slow down and you are deeply involved in what you are doing.
    • Effortlessness – your tasks/mission seems much easier and, 
    • Richness – your experiences are more vivid and detailed.
    • The research behind this suggest a 400% increase in motivation as well as creativity.

From experience, the of being fully immersed in each activity, with your consciousness expanded, accessing more resourceful emotional state will help us be fully alive and present in each moment.

– Linh