Changing the direction that your life is moving in requires effort. Our mental habits create a kind of inertia that’s almost like a current. In order to redirect its flow we have to move against it for a while, facing into the resistance until the current shifts. But once we do this our imagination will uphold our new position as faithfully as it did our previous negative and limiting one. The power of the imagination helps to weave this whole dream that we call waking life.

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts all take form in one way or another. Fantasies, daydreams and flights of fancy therefore hold great value for us. But we need to be careful about what we fantasize. Oftentimes, daydreaming keeps us enclosed in a world where many possibilities are invisible. Our mental boundaries can become too constrictive. We imagine disasters that might befall us if we choose options B or C, and this keeps us on the safe and trusty path of A. But when the imagination is directed consciously it can be put to much more constructive uses. We can envision the rewards of risk-taking and feel inspired to expand our lives and our definitions of ourselves. Envisioning something is the first step towards manifesting it.

Imagination is an aid to growing spiritually. It can reveal the inner workings of our minds, allowing us to see where we’ve been and where we are heading. If we don’t like the direction that we’re moving in, imagination empowers us to set new courses in our lives. This is the law of attraction at work. Inner vision is the primary force that creates our lives in the first place. The power of the imagination is always working for us. The question is, will we seize this power consciously, or will we turn a blind eye to it and then wonder why misfortunes befall us in our lives?

Unless we use the imagination to move old images out of our minds and usher new ones in, our beliefs and attitudes can become petrified. They’ll freeze in place until we’re stuck, forced to perceive the world – and ourselves – within certain small parameters.

Our thoughts arise naturally, but they are also subject to our approval or disapproval. They can be encouraged or dismissed. Usually we invite them to stay when they seem to fit in with other ideas that we cling to. One belief will make other beliefs similar to itself seem that much more acceptable. This is why the keys to personal empowerment lie in understanding the power of thought and knowing our own minds.

Living our lives without this awareness is much like an artist putting brush to canvas without minding what colors s/he is using. No wonder many people end up disliking the picture of existence! If you’re depressed or frustrated then use your imagination to paint a new picture in your mind. Blow away your despondency with the fresh breeze of inspiration. Your thoughts don’t have power over you; they are yours, to nurture or discard.