Linh Mcdermott (Linh Whyatt)

Coach, teacher and healer

Hi. I’m Linh, and I help busy overwhelmed people clear blocks,  regain clarity to fulfill their potential.

I am a curious and intuitive person by nature, and a risk-taker by design. I’m not the kind of coach who would encourage you to take big risks if I didn’t do those kinds of things myself. I walk my talk. I do what I say I am going to do, no matter how unattainable the task may seem.

With a Bachanlor of Degree in Arts, a ICF Accredited Accelerated Coaching and Leadership course Certified Developmental Coach with The Coaching Room, Reiki Master and Mindfulness coach.

I have a passion for busting habits, mindfulness and neuroscience, my life purpose is the study and understanding of human nature. I guarantee that you will see changes in your life if you are willing to work for them.
I am highly intuitive and link/direct energy and don’t ever take things for face value. The coaching you will receive from me will allow you to become more aware of what motivates you on your path, and how to best use your inner voice to guide your actions in the outside world. During this journey, you will get clear about what you need to set in motion in order to transform your life into one you design by your purposeful choices and efforts. Instead of being carried along by life and all the things you “should be doing”, you will consciously decide what kind of life you want to lead and get to work on making your dreams your reality.

I am a firm believer that if you change your thoughts, you can change your life, I am a living example of coaching being an excellent tool for awesomeness, I have TWO coaches who help me with my big goals and dreams. My personal goal as a coach is to empower you, my client, to courageously lead from the front and lead by example in creating an incredible life where you are in charge of creating the future you aspire to.

“If I can start investing in property by the age of 22, start a business at 28, co-author in three books, or move to the other side of the world on a whim, then you can achieve your dreams too”

Linh Whyatt has featured in several book, including:

The Australian Property Book – co-authored by Linh Whyatt
The Book Of Success – co-authored by Linh Whyatt
Coming soon; Tips for Developing the Millionaire Mind – co-authored by Brian Tracy & Linh Whyatt

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Tips for developing the Milionare Mind

Linh Whyatt, co-author of The Australian Property Book. This is an insightful, practical and informative Brian Tracy & Linh Whyatt co-author in this book. Reinvent your mind and change the way you think feel and act to allow yourself to reach your full abundance potential, and create a new vision of what is possible first by accessing the power of your millionaire mind.


Linh Mcdermott (Linh Whyatt), co-author of The Australian Property Book. This is an insightful, practical and informative guide for anyone seeking to buy, sell, rent, manage or invest in property in Australia. With chapters covering how to avoid the traps in property investing, understanding cash flows for investment properties and how to maximize profit potential from your investment property, The Australian Property Book is an essential guidebook for anyone looking to buy sell, manage or invest in property in Australia.


Co-author Linh Whyatt presents:

The Book of Success is a life-changing book that offers precious, practical and thought-provoking insights that will inspire you to be the best you can be at home, at work, and everywhere in between.
Written by entrepreneurs, coaches and motivation experts from all over the world, The Book of Success is a guide to bringing your desires into reality using laws of the universe that never fail. This book is a power-packed manual for anyone wanting to improve their life.
The Book of Success highlights the principles for success
which have been tried and tested and are known for getting people where they want to go. Also included are real life case studies from businesses that have applied these principles to help them achieve success in their respective fields.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

– Les Brown