Courses and events

Activating the Energy of Abundance

Would you like to gain clarity and clear your abundance blocks? Would you like to have the time and money to pursue your highest calling? Are you ready to allow more Abundance of Love, Happiness and Prosperity in your life? Join us in Sydney for a live workshop in Sydney CBD to discuss goal setting motivation and abundance. You’ll pick up powerful strategies and tools based on the mindset work of Dr Joe dispenza and Abundance work of Deepak Chopra.


Reconnective Mindfulness

Do you struggle to turn down the mental chatter and meditate effectively or want to feel energised instead of mentally fatigued? Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the now; of reducing the constant thinking, so you can be calm and feel free.


Sound Healing Journeys

Sound vibrations and light can be felt as incredible waves resonating through the body to shift and release energetic blocks and restore emotional energy. Healing waves create a sense of harmony in your body and bring about balance and restoration at a Cellular level.
In this Sacred journey, access the frequencies of Vibration, Light, Energy and Divine Love to Awaken and Access your own Inner Healer.