Energetic Healing: Light Activation

Activating light to clear and transform energetic blocks around your etheric, mental and emotional bodies

Energetic Healing: Light Activation

Its time to restore your vitality, energy and well-being with a light activation and healing session that helps to clear your mind body and spirit. Light is used to clear any blocks around your etheric, mental and emotional bodies to allow a greater flow of harmonious energy in this area

We activate align and balance the Chakra energy centers as well as other energy points throughout your etheric web and meridian energy lines.

Light activation also raises your energy to higher frequencies of energy where you will be able to maintain patterns of vitality for longer periods of time.

This restorative realignment process which connects you back to the essence of who you are, allowing you to open up to a path where vitality aliveness can be a part of your everyday experience.

Why do energy work?

Energy work helps you to
– Improve vitality to alleviate any fatigue or stress
– Access higher states of awareness
– Unlock and release energy using visualization, Reiki and and other light energy processes
– Align your body to its natural coherent state
– Collecting Your Consciousness process to be fully aware of your body and present
– Breathework to clear mental clutter and get clarity
– Achieve deep relaxation achieved by accessing a deep hypnotic state.
– Energy work allows you to be calm and feel free.

Whether or not you have done any energy healing, such as Reiki or other healing modalities or just want receive an energetic boost

Date: Tuesday 3rd Dec 2019 6:30-pm to 8pm
Level 3/410 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Investment: $22.00