It is my pleasure to attend the session held by Linh. In this activity, I met some new friends, listened to other people’s confusion and spoke my own problems in public for the first time. Linh answered us question patiently and led us 10 minutes meditation to clear out the problem in our minds, put forward useful opinions.
After the course, I asked Linh again for help. I have been in Australia for a short time, and I have encountered many problems during my work and life. My language problems, communication problems, and interpersonal relationships with my boss.
Linh designed some questions for me. After getting my answer, she worked hard to solve the problem. She wrote it on the book and explained it to me in a clearer and simpler language.
I haven’t been talking face-to-face with other people for so long. At the end of the meeting, she asked me to record some of my psychological changes and improvements every day, I accepted her advice. Vincent Yang
Vincent Yang

Linh is an experienced coach who’s natural understanding and love of all people, enabled me to be open and honest with what I was dealing with throughout our coaching sessions together.

Her ability to get you to connect with the underlying issue is outstanding. She allowed me to realise where I was holding myself back and allowed me to find the power and confidence within to continue to create the changes that I desire to create within my life and personal relationships with others.

Working with Linh is an experience that is a must if you find yourself stuck at a cross road unsure of where to next and need guidance, self-understanding and awareness.

Much love and respect for this amazing human being.

Leanne Tatchell, Business Owner Deakin Business Centre

Hi everyone 🙏 If you want to step into the best version of yourself, heal, let go and create your dreams then I highly recommend Linh as your personal life coach.

I have had 4 sessions with Linh over the past 6 weeks and I have felt completed supported, guided and inspired to heal areas of my life and reach my goals with confidence and self belief that I can make it happen.🌟✨

Linh has a unique ability to connect and pinpoint what is truly going on for you-coming from a loving, non-judgmental and compassionate place.

I have been provided with excellent resources such as ebooks to read and exercises to do after each session as well as an email which sums up the session- she is very thorough in her approach adding to her professionalism. 😊

I am so grateful to have come across Linh as my personal life coach and healer.

Thank you so much Linh 😇 💕💕💕

-Elizabeth Farley

Elizabeth Farley

Communications Manager

“To Dear Linh,

Thank you very much for all your support and insight, providing me with the perfect and correct information to obtain my new employment position.

Your calm, positive and inspirational approach increased my outlook and confidence to present well in the interview. The techniques you suggested for calming down and re-energising myself really worked.

Your connection with your inner guidance is a real gift that will be of benefit to anyone wanting to improve their situation.”

Thank you so much for caring.

Kind regards,


“Linh is someone passionate about helping others and she was the one who helped me get my first investment property in Australia. I’m currently settling on a property in the Gold Coast and Linh was the one who helped me get it. I’ve been wanting to buy a property for a while now; however the market where I wanted to buy (Sydney) hasn’t been favourable for buyers. As I was contemplating to invest in Queensland, Linh researched and narrowed it down to some areas in the Gold Coast that would be great for investment. Then she sent me available listings that fit my investment strategy to review. When Linh and her father went there to see properties to conduct due diligence, I was not able to go, but she offered.”

“Before I knew it, Linh found me a well-priced property and helped negotiate a good price. She answered my questions quickly, advise me of things to watch out for. For example, when I was negotiating the contract, she strongly recommended I add a term in contract to have the property vacant upon possession as current tenant was underpaying by $100/w. This is something I wouldn’t have thought at that time by myself, but it turned out to be a strategic move that could save me lots of money down the road as I realised later on in the process.”

“Linh also gave me tips on how to find a good managing estate agent, ongoing advice on whether to keep tenant or not. She has guided me throughout the whole purchase experience. I’m grateful and it’s very reassuring to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Linh holding my hand all the way. Thanks to her, I know I already made a good purchase decision. The lender even confirmed I’ve secured a well-priced property!”

Anh Lan

Property Investor (Abundance Coaching)

Thank-you for the session, I played with Ada* (daughter) last night and gave her my attention before bed time and she listened to me!!! Totally get it. I get so caught up with the routine and getting things done that i forget to slow down and play with her. Got so much out of our session. You are amazing! (*Daughters name has been changed)

Lien Palmer